5. No Taxes on SA Rare Coins

We all hate paying taxes! SA rare coins are not taxable on their sale. That means that there is no CGT (Capital Gains Tax) payable on profits when you sell. You can automatically add 20% increased performance to your coins, as this is the average amount of tax that you would pay on other investments.

With the kind permission of Personal Finance magazine, we reprint excerpts from their magazine’s special report on CGT. You can clearly see that SA rare coins are CGT exempt. Krugerrands however, do attract CGT. This is another reason why we advise clients to exchange some of their Krugerrands for rare coins.

If you exchange your coins for SA rare coins, you will pay no CGT. When you sell your SA rare coins, you will also pay no taxes and you will see higher growth than with Krugerrands. This is a good way to limit estate duties for your heirs. By owning a SA rare coin portfolio, you will be lowering your taxable income and overall tax footprint.

The profits that you make on your krugerrands are taxable. Swap them for rare coins and you will pay no taxes on your profits when you sell.