The South African mint has placed a huge amount of time and also resources behind the production of their latest Mandela R5 coin. This is by far the prettiest and most intricate of all of the Mandela R5 coins that have been produced to date. This is now South Africa's most beautiful coin and we think the most beautiful coin in the world. The South African mint would only spend this amount of time and resources on a coin dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela will always be our greatest leader. No matter what any future South African does for our country and our peoples they will never ever be able to exceed the esteem with which Nelson Mandela is held. We believe that Nelson Mandela was the greatest human being of all time.

In the United Kingdom it is the same as Sir Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom. He is their greatest leader and no matter what any Brittan may do, save the Falklands, the British financial system, the monarchy, they will never ever be able to exceed the esteem that Sir Winston is held in the United Kingdom. In America Abraham Lincoln is their greatest leader. He interestingly had two nervous breakdowns prior to becoming the President of the United Sates. Perhaps that was a requirement for dealing with the civil war. That what does not kill you makes you stronger. And no matter what any American does in all of time for the American people they will never ever exceed the esteem the Americans hold for Abraham Lincoln. He prevented the United States from being separated into two countries and also bought an end to slavery at a time when for whites it was not at all fashionable to look after the rights of black people.

This Mandela R5 coin is a tribute to the greatest South African of all time. We have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this coin will have greater financial returns than all of the other Mandela 5 coins. This is simply because as the 100th centenary coin it is the most significant Mandela R5 coin that will ever be produced.

In the global rare coin market which is valued at billions and billions of US dollars there is a frequent term called 'eye appeal' that is used. What that basically means is that the collectors and investors most value a coin that is rare and attractive. This Mandela R5 coin is by far the most attractive of all of the Mandela R5 coins that they have produced to date and there will be very rare specimens. This is the first currency coin that has ever been produced in entire history of the world that has a picture of stateman on it. There are other coins that have been produced that have pictures of statesmen and world leaders on them but none of them are currency coins.

The placement of a picture of Nelson Mandela on this coin is pure genius from The South African Mint. We place engraved images of our and most respected leaders of our country for nation building. It is also a tribute to our greatest leaders. But no matter how intricate or accurate an engraving of a leader on a coin is you cannot see his energy or personality on an engraved coin. But when you look at an actual picture of a leader as the old saying goes 'a picture says a thousand words'. You can from this image on the coin see the energy and the vibrant personality of Nelson Mandela. Which you cannot see on the engraved coin.

We are offering pre-launch offers of these coins with the MS-69 R5 coin at R15 000 and the Silver one-ounce commemorative Proof 70 at R15 000. We expect these two coins to double in value within the period of one year. Over the medium to long term we expect the rare high-grade versions of these coins to exceed a value of over R100 000 a coin and keep on growing from thereon.

The smartest strategy to have here is to buy these coins at issue price in bulk. If you bought 10 Mandela R5 coins at R15 000 per unit, when they hit R30 000 your investment of R150 000 would be worth R300 000. When the Mandla R5 coins are worth R50 000, your investment would be worth R500 000 and when the Mandela R5 coin is worth R100 000 your investment would be worth a cool one million rand. Our selling commission on the coins that you sell through us is only 5%. These rare coins as investments will be amongst the best investments that you ever make and they are based on sound old fashioned fundamental numismatic criteria of rarity and significance. We expect these coins to exceed the growth rate of all of the other Mandela R5 coins due to the fact that it is the most important coin in the series of the R5 coins and cannot be exceeded by any other Mandela coin issue.

There will be other great coins that The South African mint produces in the future. They may even produce coins that exceed the Mandela 100th centenary coins due to larger population and markets in overall turnover. But in your and our lifetime The South African Mint will not be able to exceed this coin from a numismatic perspective. This means to say in the eyes of all of the collectors and investors in the world that are well educated in numismatics (coin collecting). These Mandela coins are the holy grail of coin production from South Africa. They commemorate our greatest leader and they are his centenary coin. The centenary is the bench mark issue and it cannot be exceeded. When the Queen mother made 100, there were huge celebrations in England but not for any of the years that proceeded that.

The power of the Nelson Mandela brandmark is amongst the most powerful in the world. You could ask a seven-year-old in Alaska or China to tell you about Nelson Mandela and they would be able to so with ease. You could ask the same two children who Alfred Luthuli is and though he is one of our greatest leaders they would not be able to do the same. Nelson Mandela has one of the highest global recognitions in the world.

Nelson Mandela's global recognition will make these coins internationally marketable with great ease. There will be markets for these coins in The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and a host of other countries. All rare coins are dollar denominated so that they are a rand hedge. There were very significant sales of the new Silver Proof 2017 Krugerrand in the United States and also Germany. All of the peoples of the world revere Nelson Mandela. This will lead to significant global sales. We have said many times that Nelson Mandela is the only completely neutral global leader we know. What we mean by that is that he is as well liked by the Americans, Israeli's, Palestinian's and Chinese. There are no peoples anywhere in the word that do not like and respect Nelson Mandela.