Nelson Mandela left all of us South Africans with the greatest gift that he could. His legacy and also an inheritance of a South Africa at peace with all South Africans both black and white working together in one of the world's newest and most successful democracies. With 54 million people we are the 24th most populous country in the world out of 242 countries. In basic economics the larger your populous the greater the size that your economy will become. This means that for the next two to three hundred years that we will have one of the most successful economies in the world. In the coin market the 255 382 NGC, PCGS and ANACS Mandela coins that have been graded constitute 64% of all South African rare coins graded. This makes them by far the favourite rare coins that South Africans elect to collect. The Mandela R5 rare coins should be proudly supported as part of the cultural heritage of all South Africans both black and white. They are the only official currency coins of Nelson Mandela that we have.


The rare Mandela R5 coins are irrevocably the king of all rare coins in the world for they are the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world. In all of our lifetimes it is highly unlikely that we will ever see performance that will be greater than the Mandela rare R5 rare coins. In the world of rare coins the most important factor of a rare coin is how many there are. The Mandela rare R5 coins are unique amongst rare coins as they are the only rare coins in the world that are primarily driven by the person that they represent. They are also the only coins that we have ever seen that were collected by all of the people of an entire country en masse. It was not clever marketing that got all South Africans to collect the Mandela R5 coins. This phenomenon occurred over 20 years ago way before any corporation or company had started marketing these coins. S A COIN has only been marketing the Mandela rare R5 coins for 10 years. South Africans did not have to be told that the Mandela R5 coins were going to be special coins with a special place reserved in history amongst the annul of world rare coins. They seemed like all of us to intuitively know that due to Nelson Mandela being one of the greatest men of all time that the only official currency coins to be minted for Nelson Mandela would also be earmarked as extraordinary.

All rare coins are official currency coins of a country either past or present. Any other Mandela coins that you have collected are collectable rubbish and only worth their metal content. The collecting of rare coins has always been the preservation of a countries national coinage in the highest quality possible. It has never been about uneducated collectors buying coins from illicit vendors that try to sell high priced bullion coins that are only worth their metal content at variables that are far above this due to dishonest marketing tactics i.e. low mintage figures which are all too irrelevant if the coin is not a currency coin. This even worse when they have privately arranged the minting of the coins themselves. The Mandela rare R5 coins are part of the world rare coin market and some of the rarest coins in the world. This information is easily authenticated by contacting NGC, PCGS or ANACS the world's three largest graders.

Do not use the local grading system SANGS which enunciated sounds like a virulent bacteria. It is run by Glen Schoeman the chairman of SAAND and is the most unethical and ignorant grading system that I have ever seen. Accordingly I have named this the "Nkandla" grading system. Coin grading when it is done ethically is done by companies that do not have a conflict of interest. In other words they do not buy and sell coins. NGC, PCGS and ANACS established decades ago made it a central law of coin grading that you cannot buy and sell coins and also grade coins. This is because if you buy and sell coins and also grade them there is the temptation to give the coins that you have better grades than those of the general public. This is an unacceptable practice overseas. It seems that the SAAND members are only too happy to be portrayed as unethical by using and associating themselves with an unethical business practice. It actually borders on the criminal.

Britain's greatest leader is Sir Winston Churchill. On a Britons greatest day they hope to be like Sir Winston Churchill. On our greatest day we hope to be like Nelson Mandela. It is the great leaders of the past that inspire all of us all around the world to be greater than we can expect to be. The question for all of us South Africans is "On our greatest day can we be like Nelson Mandela?". This comes to the question as to how these great leaders Alexander the great, George Washington, Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela are remembered. It is through statues, national monuments, stamps and yes through their official currency coins that could be used as money that were minted for them. It is those currency coins that in a high quality that makes their numbers very few that are the rare coins that appreciate as great investments e.g. the Mandela rare R5 coins.

The Mandela rare R5 coins are the only rare Mandela coins in the whole world today. There are only six of them that were minted in the years 1994, 2000 and 2008 in proof and ordinary condition. If you are an investor or collector of the Mandela rare R5 coins then you should try to put together a complete set of all six of these coins in the highest grades that you can. All of the other Mandela coins that you have are not rare and they will never ever be rare. They are just the most expensive bullion coins that you have ever purchased. If you would like to value them just calculate the weight of the coins relative to their weight in the metal that they were minted in. If you are unsure of this information contact NGC, PCGS or ANACS the three largest graders of world rare coins to verify this information.

The S A COIN vision is the Mandela rare R5 coins are going to become the most famous rare coins in the world. We at S A COIN have a 40 year marketing programme for them that is going to span all 7 continents on the planet. It is our plan to globalise these coins and make them the most famous and widely collected rare coins in the world. We feel that they in time in the highest quality will become some of the most valuable rare coins in the whole world. This means that this will translate to some of the highest financial returns that investors and collectors will be able to get for their Mandela rare coin sets. The 2008 Mandela rare R5 proofs of all of the six coins have the lowest mintage of only 7 000 units. This means that if you are putting together a six coin set that there are only 7 000 of these that can be compiled. These are also already the most famous black rare coins in the world. Just consider for a second how many black people that there are in the world. You should also consider that the most affluent black community in the world is in the United States. Do not be amazed to find out that the rarest of the Mandela rare R5 coins start to find that they are being collected by Opra Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Jesse Jackson. Black Americans are in the future going to whip up the rarest Mandela R5 coins only to have them translate in the future when they are in the United States commanding prices eventually of millions and millions of dollars for the rarest specimens.

All of the best art, coins and collectables usually end up in the United States due to the high purchase power that Americans have. Nelson Mandela is to black Americans simply the most famous black person of all time, period. No matter how we as South Africans try to keep the rarest Mandela R5 coins in South Africa this will never ever happen. As they are globalised they will end up in the most wealthy countries it is just that simple.

The fact is that the largest rare coin market is in the United States which is valued at billions and billions of dollars. They call their coins prisms of history for it is a law of coin collecting that investors and also the collectors of rare coins study the history of the coin at the time and date of minting and the subject that they cover. This means that the investors and also collectors of the Mandela rare R5 coins will perpetuate the philosophy of Nelson Mandela around the world as they buy his books and study his times. The Mandela rare R5 coins will make South Africa more and more famous as the people of the world collect the rare coins of Nelson Mandela with the words South Africa inscribed on them.

The Mandela rare R5 coins will as prisms to Nelson Mandela be a global changer of our times reflecting one of the greatest men of all time. To be a great man all you have to do is to study one. I for one will freely admit that Nelson Mandela made me a more forgiving person willing to let go of past issues that I held onto. I never thought like that prior to hearing and watching Nelson Mandela forgive those who participated in the Apartheid system which murdered many innocent people. In all of my education of 40 years not a single person that I studied ever made me feel more unified with my fellow South Africans than Nelson Mandela.


The total number of Mandela R5 coins that have been graded is now through NGC, PCGS and ANACS is 255 382 out of 400 000 rare coins that have been graded by these grading services for South Africa. That means that Mandela R5 coins therefore constitute 64% of the entire South African rare coin market with 36% constituting the balance. From April 2014 to April 2015 there have been 5 873 Mandela R5 coins that were graded being an increase of 2.35%. This is a huge increase when you take into consideration the poor economic climate of 2014 for South Africa.

Of the ordinary Mandela R5 1994 coins there are only 2 990 graded and of the proof 1994 only 12 167 coins graded in total. Of the ordinary Mandela R5 2000 coins there are only 5 156 graded and of the proof Mandela R5 2000 coins only 7 121 graded. Of the ordinary Mandela R5 2008 coins only 222 497 graded and of the proof Mandela R5 2008 only 5 451 graded. These statistics clearly illustrate that whilst not all Mandela R5 coins are rare that there are indeed many extremely rare Mandela R5 rare coins. They also illustrate that using internationally recognised rarity metrics that most of the graded Mandela R5 coins are indeed rare. It is also very important to consider that just two grades of the ordinary Mandela R5 coins MS-66 and MS-67 account for 186 791 of 255 382 of all of the Mandela R5 coins graded. This is 73% of all of the Mandela R5 coins graded leaving the balance of 27% as rare coins.

The original mintage figures of the Mandela R5 coins that were minted 20 years ago are irrelevant relative to their rarity. Coins are submitted from all over the world to get graded by the three largest grading companies in the world NGC, PCGS and ANACS. These companies then tabulate these numbers and make them available to the general public. These numbers are called populations. It is these populations that are amount of coins that have survived and been graded from the original coins minted in high quality. Consider the fact that whilst 10 million ordinary Mandela R5 coins were minted in 1994 over 20 years later that only 2 990 have been graded. This makes them Mandela R5 rare coins. Most coins are spoiled by people having not preserved them properly. A rare coin has to be of high quality it cannot have been touched by hand or have scratches on it to be considered a quality to get graded.

It also does not matter how many of a particular coin have been minted. Let us take for example a recent 1 cent coin of which there are 300 million minted. Coin collecting is about the preservation of all of a nations coins in the highest quality possible. The highest coin grade that you can get for an ordinary coin is mint state 70. The grades for ordinary coins start at mint state 60 and cover ten grades to mint state 70. Therefore if you were able to get a 1 cent coin graded at mint state 70 of any year and there were only 20 graded in that grade, it would be a rare coin.

It is the aim of S A COIN to have a certified market just of the Mandela R5 coins of over 2.5 million graded through NGC, PCGS and ANACS. In the global rare coin market it is an advantage to have a large overall number of a particular coin graded. This does not mediate down the rarity of the coins but allows overall participation in the coins in the more numerous grades at low entry values. This means that more people that have available a limited budget are able to buy rare coins at very reasonable prices. This is in direct contrast to rare coins that are so rare that they require millions for a person to participate. In terms of mathematical coin collecting the Mandela R5 coins have the most perfect metrics for any coin on the planet.

The most powerful aspect of Nelson Mandela's R5 coins is that they are globally politically neutral. They are an absolute reflection of Nelson Mandela. This is to men to say that there are very few coins that you could sell to an Israeli and Palestinian with ease. But you can sell the Mandela R5 rare coins to anyone as they are only politically neutral coins on the planet. Try to sell an Israeli coin to a Saudi Arabian and you get our point. They are a global rare coin marketing dream.


With the past sale of an ordinary specimen of the rare R5 Mandela 90th birthday coins in the grade of MS-69 for 2.5 million rand and the past sale of proof 70's at R275 000. These coins are internationally acknowledged as being the fastest appreciating rare coins in the history of the world. The MS-69 grew at a staggering 49.9 million percent in total or 7.12 million percent per annum and the proof 70 at 900% in total or 150% per annum. This is a trend that we expect to continue for many, many years ahead. We are projecting that the proof 70 Mandela R5 90th birthday coins will be selling for R240 000 at the end of 2015. We are projecting that the proof 69 Mandela R5 birthday coins will be selling for R40 000 at the end of this year.

In January of 2012 the proof 70's were selling at R125 000. By the end of March 2012 they had leapt in price to R240 000 a massive increase in value of 92%. When they sold at R275 000 in July of the same year this was a further rise of 14.6%. Had you been prudent enough to invest in several of the proof 70's in January 2012 at R125 000 you would have had a return on your capital of 120%. That would have been more than double your capital in a mere 4 months. We are projecting that the proof 70's will be selling at R240 000 rand at the end of 2015. There are only 160 of these coins. Should that appreciation occur this will be an appreciation of 92% on their current price of R125 000. The next coins that we expect to dramatically rise in value are the proof 69's. They are the second finest known coins and there are only 2 646 of these coins. They are currently selling at R25 000 and we have projected that they will be selling at R40 000 by the end of the year. Should that projection be correct this will translate to a 60% increase in your capital.

We strongly urge you to buy as many of the proof 70's and proof 69's that you can this year to add them to your investment portfolio. You may not ever get another chance to buy such rare and sought after coins at these low prices again. These coins by the mintage of only 7 000 coins are the rarest of all of the Mandela R5 coins.