The new giant statue of Nelson Mandela at the Union buildings.

The South African mint has produced 3 variants of the special R2 coins to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Union buildings. The highest grades of all of these numismatic items are going to go stratospheric and sell for well over a million rand in the very near future.

The beginning and the end. The very first Mandela coin with the last one completing the rare Mandela sets, limited to only 700.


History will show that Nelson Mandela and the Union Buildings will be forever intertwined with one another. For it was at these buildings that Nelson Mandela was inaugurated in 1994 and it was from these very buildings that he gave one of the best speeches ever made in all human history. The speech was Churchill like in nature, the gravelly distinct voice of one of the greatest human beings to ever grace the surface of our beautiful planet. It was a speech of forgiveness and reconciliation. It was a speech of hope and it was foremost a speech that emphatically introduced to the world one of the most special men ever to have existed. His spirit will forever meander through these buildings, blowing through the trees and his personal energy an incumbent presence that is ever felt at this location.

We all felt inspired, at peace and instilled with many beautiful thoughts after his famous speech. It set the foundation for what was Nelson Mandela's greatest gift to us. He left all of us South Africans a new South Africa with a dichotomy of peoples that although will have disagreements with one another at different times but that like any mature democracy remain respectful of other people's views and at peace as a nation for all of the rest of time. Nelson Mandela was a global blueprint of reconciliation for all other nations that are going through malfractuous change to consider that the impossible had been made possible through one man. That he through the warmest of smiles and just through his good deeds had managed to unite all South Africans for all of time, black, white and every other nations colour in South Africa.

All of the coins that can be associated with this great man are collectors' items to be held and passed down from generation to generation for all of time. For by preserving these coins and sharing them with the rest of the world we share a personal philosophy of the world's greatest humanitarian genius. His philosophy was quite simply forgive, be good and help others that are not as fortunate as you wherever you can. This man makes all of us South Africans to be proud that from the misty hills of Mvezo a small village on the banks of the Mbashe River, not far from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape of South Africa was birthed the greatest South African of all time, and he was one of us.

The South African mint has minted 3.5 million of the circulation coin, 1 000 of the silver medallions and only 700 of the proof version of these coins. These coins now make what could be the final coins minted in our lifetime to be added to the Mandela R5 coins to make a complete set of all of the Mandela coins. All investors and collectors of coins throughout the world form complete sets of coins. They try to assemble these sets into the highest grades that they can. It is the complete sets of these coins with the finest known coins assembled in them that sell for gargantuan amounts of money. In the future the finest known Mandela coin sets could sell for millions of US dollars. Many of the finest known Mandela coins already sell for millions of rands.

A complete rare Mandela coin set will now consist of the following; a uncirculated 1994 Inauguration coin, the proof 1994 Inauguration coin, the 2 000 uncirculated Mandela presidential coin, the proof 2000 Mandela presidential coin, the uncirculated 2008 90th birthday Mandela coin, the proof 2008 90th birthday Mandela coin and the final three numismatic pieces being the 2013 R2 uncirculated Union buildings coin, the 2013 R2 proof Union buildings coin and also the 2013 silver Medallion crown. In all this would make a complete rare Mandela coin set consisting of 9 numismatic pieces. Due to the low mintage of only 700 2013 R2 union building proof coins. Only 700 of the extremely rare Mandela sets can ever be compiled. This will easily make all of sets that are compiled in high grades that are not even the finest known coins worth over a million rand in a relatively short period of time.

You may already have assembled many of the rare Mandela coins in which case you should endeavour to buy the highest quality 2013 R2 Union building coins with as much speed as possible before they become far too expensive. At the moment we are offering the uncirculated 2013 R2 Union buildings coins for sale to investors and collectors in the highest grades available. You should snap up as many of these coins as you can before they start to gain traction in the market place and begin to appreciate at very healthy rates. We are projecting that these coins will take over the mantle of the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world.

The Mandela rare coin market consists of over 300 000 graded coins through PCGS, NGC and ANACS. They have a current value of over R500 million rand and constitute 96.4% of all of the total rare coins of South Africa. The Mandela coins and their derivatives will remain the most rare, the fastest appreciating and the globally most sought after of all South African rare coins for the next 20 years in our country. Every single South African should have some of the rare Mandela investment coins in their investment portfolio and for the fortunate few a complete rare Mandela set of 9 coins. They will over the years give you as an investor very significant returns that are tax free.

The 2013 R2 Union building medallion with only 1 000 minted.

The extremely rare 2013 R2 Union building coin of which there are only 700.