16. How will Nelson Mandela's death effect the Mandela Rare R5 coins?

When great men die they leave behind a legacy for the rest of the world to examine. The very moment that there was the announcement of the death of our beloved Nelson Mandela it was communicated around the world in an instant. What then emerged globally was thousands and thousands of personal stories from the rich, the powerful and also the common person, how Nelson Mandela had personally touched and effected their lives for the better. Mandela died the most loved man in the entire history of the world.

Nelson Mandela was a humanitarian genius with the uncanny ability to examine the most complex problems facing South Africa and instantly divine a solution that no one else could see. In so doing providing a global rubric for everyone to use. Nelson Mandela exhibited the greatest personal courage of all to spearhead the fight to bring down Apartheid a brutal authoritarian governmental system that was extremely powerful and supported by many of the world's most powerful countries. In the Rivonia Trial Mr Mandela chose, instead of testifying, to make a speech from the dock and proceeded to hold the court spellbound for more than four hours. His speech, which was made at the beginning of the defence case, ended with the words: "During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." After making that speech Nelson Mandela must have surely felt that he was to hanged by the neck until dead. It is only the greatest and most courageous of men that are prepared to fight to the death for the ideals in which they believe. Without doubt Nelson Mandela's greatest achievement in South Africa was to take the hate that was felt between the black peoples of South Africa and the Afrikaners and change this to a mutualised respect of peoples.

Nelson Mandela and F W De Klerk became the best of friends as soon as the negotiations and Apartheid was dismantled.

The original part of the famous speech made by Mandela at the Rivonia Trial where Nelson Mandela laid his life on line.

He was also most significantly the 'ender of war'. From the time that he left prison his most powerful tool was his voice and his wisdom that permeated everything that came into contact with it. As he left prison South Africa was in a permanent semi 'State of Emergency' or war with fractious violence throughout the country. From the time that he started to speak he placed all of the national violence into a suspended stasis. From there brick by brick he tore down and dismantled all of the aggressors orchestrated through the evil machine of Apartheid whilst slowly cooling the stoked fires that burned deep within Umkhonto we sizwe. He was the commander in Chief of the ANC and yet even upon the cusp of victory he would not vanquish his opponent as we are all taught to do in winning. He was ever gracious and magnanimous in creating what the History channel has called, 'the miracle nation'. We South Africans are a global miracle thanks to Nelson Mandela. According to the lore of the world the only people that can create miracles are saints, so we suppose from a technical perspective that indeed makes Nelson Mandela no less noteworthy than that of a Saint. For what Nelson Mandela has left us all as South Africans was the inheritance of a country which will forever prosper with our dichotomy of peoples, a beaming example of light to the nations of the world of what a single man could do to forever change the course of a nation of over 50 million people for the better for all the rest of time at peace.

He took the holy grail of the Afrikaner 'rugby' and showed blacks that this was not a sport of South African whites. This was a sport of people. A sport where both black and white could excel and display the great wizardry of great sportsman. A brotherhood of men which left the field often contributing more to the galvanisation of the country than any politician. How could this black man be so loved by the Afrikaners so? How could he get the former minister of law and order Adriaan Vlok to wash the feet of Rev Frank Chikane in an act of contrition to a man who the apartheid government had tried to assassinate. Such things are unheard of anywhere else in the world. Mandela was not just a saviour to black South Africans he was the emancipator of everyone in South Africa. In so doing he showed that a somewhat obscure country in Africa with one black man could change the world. His true legacy is whether you met him or not Mandela has changed all of us for the better. He has affected the very metric of the human being for the better. The more that you study this man and what he did the better it makes you. Prior to the release of Nelson Mandela most of South African whites were politically conservative due to their immersion in years of Calvinistic propaganda, but when he left prison over a relatively short period most white South Africans became politically liberal.

Nelson Mandela the 'Ender of War' for all of us in South Africa. He left us as his legacy our country South Africa at peace and a 'miracle' rainbow nation a shining example to the world what could be accomplished when the hate and issues from the past were not forgotten but forgiven.

Nelson Mandela did what no world leader anywhere in the world had managed to accomplish. The history of the factious violence between the indigenous blacks and also the white Afrikaners was well documented and permeated both of their cultures for hundreds of years. It was at its most basic level a combination of hate and distrust. The most perplexing question that we asked as observers was how this congenial 72 year old managed to solve this the most complex and difficult problem in South Africa. The problem that Mandela faced was no less difficult than the Jewish Palestinian conflict of sectarian violence.

The global resonation after Mandela's death was unanimous. He taught the world to forgive. This great humanitarian intuitively knew that the only way in which to resolve a problem which consisted of the mutual hatred of numerous parties for the transgressions that they had enacted on each other over hundreds of years was to 'let it go' and start fresh. The past was not to be a reservoir of hatred to be used to instil into new generations. The past was not to be forgotten but forgiven.

The legacy that Mandela left us by his example has changed the entire planet forever and will affect hundreds of thousands of future generations that examine and study the life of Nelson Mandela. To many black South Africans Mandela was no less than a modern Moses able to part the sea of hate between black and white in South Africa delivering his people to living in a promised land where his peoples could live and be free from the shackles of Apartheid. Mandela also changed the dynamics of how blacks were viewed around the world. He showed that a black man could be considered one of the greatest leaders and statesmen in the whole history of the world. And most amazingly that he could be a black African and bereft of any corruption.

Mandela also shattered global racist attitudes and showed the peoples of the world that black people could be counted amongst the greatest contributors to mankind. There is little doubt that the election of Obama as America's first black American President was a path paved by the reputation and deeds of Mandela. Wherever this man went he inspired people and instilled in them the greatest respect a man could possible get and complete trust. It is true to be said that Mandela had his faults like all of us but truth be known is his faults were really far, far fewer than the rest of us.

Nelson Mandela was a man who was touched by God. He was special, gifted and different, everyone who ever came into contact with Mandela would tell you that he had a presence and energy like none other. Nelson Mandela at his most basic level was the very synthesis of what all of the peoples of the world consider to be the magnification of pure good. He was the perfect intersect of good, yet not overly devout, he was a prism of the personification of human perfection. No less an example to all of mankind black, white and of every other shade on our planet like Michael Angelo's David of human perfection. And yet he was a man of relatively ordinary beginnings who showed the rest of us what a man could accomplish in one lifetime.

For a man that had spent 27 years incarcerated in the most terrible conditions doing the most mundane and repetitive work that you could imagine he sure had a great sense of humour. What was it that this old man knew that we did not? He was the warmest of men with a sweet twinkle always in his eye. His always ready smile and personal charm disarmed even the most cynical of us. How is it that this man faced all of the inexorable obstacles that he did and yet he retained his humanity.

Mandela was a man with a smile wherever he went. We can think of no statesman who smiled as much as this man. His disarming smile armed with an amiable wit was perhaps his biggest weapon. Most whites had been programmed with the concept that Mandela was the very antithesis of evil by the Apartheid propaganda machine. When he was released from jail in 1990 the immediate national sigh of relief in itself was already a glimpse into this man's greatness. He managed in a single press conference to immediately allay the fears of all of the whites in the country. From there on we and the world would be mesmerized by the greatest living man in our entire lifetime. Obama's speech content "that we will never ever see the likes of Mandela ever again" echoed through the world and was only too true. But this man left us with the greatest of gifts in his legacy to South Africa and the world he left us his spirit ever to be entwined in the national ethos of South Africa. Mandela in death became a permanent global humanitarian footprint of energy that with time will grow and grow becoming even greater than it was when he was alive. Generation after generation of South African will learn about Mandela. The greatest man to ever emanate from the great African plains. He will therefore always be around all of us in all the statues that we see, the books and magazines that we read, and even in the very air that we breathe, he will be eternal.

He was effusively humble and one of the most unselfish human beings that you would ever encounter. He had a broad commitment of service to so many and put himself behind the people that he was leading virtually all of the time. Oprah Winfrey so succinctly passed the comment that was in itself a dextrous example of her great humility and intellect. She said "the greatest achievement in my life is that I had 29 meals with Nelson Mandela". Not least was his commitment to the children of South Africa. His tireless work for the Nelson Mandela Children's fund only led to his being placed onto a mantle higher than any the rest of us will be placed. It is tough enough to look after our own children let alone taking on the weight of a nation's children. The magnanimity of this man an awe aspiring star always twinkling so bright in front of us as an example of the best things that humanity can achieve.

One of the greatest photos that we have ever seen of Nelson Mandela was taken when Mandela had just arrived in England from Heathrow and was at the Savoy hotel. He was meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah. He did something that only Nelson Mandela could you. He met them both in his socks. It seems that he had a habit of taking off his shoes after a long flight. Mandela was a man that could evade the normal protocols and yet never offend any of his hosts. We would like you to look at the body language of the then prime minister and his wife Sarah that is displayed toward Nelson Mandela. It is total deference and the highest respect that any human being could afford another. Whenever you are examining the pictures of Mandela meeting the most important people that are on the planet you see this universal deference again and again. He was one of the greatest men of all time.

Gordon and Sarah Brown chat with a sockless Nelson Mandela in his hotel room in London. Mr Mandela was due to attend his 46664 concert in his honour.

You can say whatever you want about Nelson Mandela, but this is one of the only men to have ever lived that seemed to have a halo. Although he was quick to point out on many an occasions that he was not a saint he was exactly what a saint was espoused to be. His life and the way that he conducted himself was so far closer to that of a religious deity than that of an ordinary politician. Tony Blair said that "he was a great politician". But making such a statement was a disservice to a man so great. It was the equivalent of saying that Michelangelo was an artist. As one great South African said when future generations examine his life they will be able to see even a greater a man than we did. We were simply too close to greatness to fully realise truly what Mandela was. One of the effects of this great man is that when you are researching him he fills your heart with love and compassion. Nelson Mandela was a gift from God.

How will Nelson Mandela's death effect the Mandela Rare R5 coins?
The rare Mandela R5 coin market is currently valued at around R500 million rand domestically. We project that over the next 5 years that the market for these coins will be worth more than one billion rand. The market for these coins is global and not just in South Africa with collectors and investors in these coins literally in every single country in the world. At the time of Nelson Mandela's death the rare Mandela R5 coins were already the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world. The death of Nelson Mandela will only further accelerate the growth of all of the rare Mandela R5 coins. It is a consistent and observable market dynamic that whenever a famous person dies all of the various memorabilia that is associated with them becomes more rare and sought after.

The rare Mandela R5 coins are driven in growth by the most known personal trademark in the world 'Nelson Mandela'. There is simply no more powerful brand name on the planet. When you are engaging in the marketing of any product it is vital that it gets known. When you are offering any good or service that is not known it is not trusted and very difficult to sell. Nelson Mandela will go down as one of the greatest men to have ever have lived and as with all great men he will become even greater in death than he did in life. This alone will lead to an ever expanding market for all of the rare Mandela R5 coins. Millions of people all around the world will want to own something that was associated with that great man.

The rare R5 Mandela coins are the easiest rare coins to sell in the world. We at S A COIN have through the years marketed rare coins from the time of the ZAR (Zuid Africhaansche Republic) our South African coinage from 1894 - 1902, the United States and British rare coins. We have never ever seen any rare coins ever sell with such ease as the Mandela coins. The reason for this is very simple Nelson Mandela is he most well-known person on the planet. When you are selling rare Mandela coins there is nothing about Mandela that you have to explain everyone knows just about the whole life story of Nelson Mandela and all that is required is that you need to inform the prospective buyers what it is that makes this particular coin rare or sought after i.e. the grade or its population (number).

When you are selling coins that people know little or nothing about it is far more difficult to market these to the public at large. A case in point is that we used to market what is widely regarded as the most beautiful US rare coins. The gold $20 Saint Gaudens. But even before you could make a sale of one of these coins it was a minimum of a 2 hour discussion to tell the buyer all about the history of the rare coin and why it was rare and sought after. More and more companies and individuals are finding how easy it is to market the rare Mandela coins and so that factor alone is a constant that expands the market at a more rapid rate than any other coin market in the world.

The greatest catalyst for the growth of all rare coins in the world is the ever expanding number of these coins that are placed into capsules. With the advent of coin grading over 40 years ago. In all that time there have been many fine minds in the world rare coin market and a few self-made rare coin billionaires too. But no single person has ever come up with a greater stimulator to market growth than the consistent and ever expanding number of coins that are getting graded. This contributes more to the expanding of the rare coin market each and every single year than anything else. People that hold rare coins get them graded by sending them to any one of the three largest grading companies in the world PCGS, NGC or ANACS. By doing this the coins are placed into a tamper proof container that lets the owner see what the grade of the coin he has is and also to have a look at the rarity of the coin. All of the coins that are graded are listed in global population reports which let the whole world see how rare a coin is.

Nelson Mandela getting rapturous applause at the white house from members of the Clinton administration, US senate and congress. President Clinton became one of Nelson Mandela's best friends soon after their first contact after his release in prison. These men were both titans of the world in their own right.

When coins are recognised as rare they are then submitted in for grading. The continued grading of these coins therefore becomes the most significant force that influences the growth of these coins. So although the death of Nelson Mandela will have an influence on the overall rare Mandela R5 coins the greatest contributor to the overall growth of this market will be the continued number of South African rare coins that are submitted for grading. When the rare Mandela R5 coin market was in its infancy there were only a couple of thousand coins that had been graded. Today there are over 300 000 Mandela R5 coins that have been graded. Those graded coins constitute 94% of the total market of rare South African coins. The remainder of all South African rare coins is around 20 000 units or 6.25%. The larger the number of coins graded the greater the pressure that is placed on the rare coins that are the fewest in number.

There are only 8 of the rare proof 1994 Inauguration coins graded in the grade of proof 70. What that means is that you have 300 000 coins as the foundation of the rare Mandela R5 coins that is placing upward pressure on 8 units. The 300 000 units represents the amount of graded coins and also the number of consumers in the marketplace. The larger the number of participants in the market the higher the growth and the greater that the expansion of the market will be. We expect that in 5 years' time that there will be 750 000 graded Mandela R5 coins. You can only just imagine the effect that a number as large as that will have on coins that are rare and sought after with smaller numbers.

Once a rare coin is accepted as part of the global rare coin market that is eternal. For all of the time thereafter the rarest of these coins will continue to become more and more rare as more of the coins are submitted and the overall population of the world grows. Rare coins just get more and more rare with the passage of time and their values just get larger and larger. The rare Mandela coins will therefore continue to expand and get larger and larger until the end of time.

LASTING LEGACY: A man and a woman share their grief Friday outside Nelson Mandela's Johannesburg home. It was an interracial scene that would have been unfathomable 20 years ago.

Thousands of people have been contacting S A COIN since the death of Nelson Mandela. Most of them are the owners of R5 Mandela coins that have been used in circulation and want to know what the value of these coins are. The only Mandela R5 coins that are rare and sought after are the coins that have never been touched by human hand. The coins have to be in near perfect condition and be devoid of any scratches whatsoever. They cannot ever have been cleaned for the cleaning of any coin leads to fall in the value. Collectors and investors are looking for perfect coins that have never been touched or cleaned. When coins come direct from the South African mint these coins are placed into boxes and they are never touched by hand. When you do handle a coin you should only hold it by the sides of the coin and not touch the back or front of it. Every time a coin is touched it is scratched and fingers leave oils on the coin which can eat into a coins surface. When you get those very new shiny coins in your change that have no scratches on them those are the coins that are sought after by collectors and investors.

We do not expect all of the rare Mandela coins to increase in value by thousands of percent in the next few months. But what we are seeing and what we expect to continue is for prudent investors and also collectors to start to snap up the rarest of the Mandela coins to place into their portfolios. We are already seeing the market prices for rare Mandela coins increase by tens of percent and supply becoming far tighter. The sale of any rare coins is tax free. So any profits made from the rare Mandela coins will not be taxed. We have never ever seen such high activities in the rare Mandela coins. Last year S A COIN did the largest turnover in its entire history in a very tough local domestic market. We expect an enormous groundswell of interest in all of the rare Mandela R5 coins that will last for over a decade. The greatest benefits from investing in the rare Mandela coins will be seen over the next 3 - 5 years.

(ABC News) - Although President Obama will not get a chance to see Nelson Mandela on his trip to South Africa, he is using his historic visit to pay tribute to the man he calls a hero to the world and will meet today with the Mandela family. At a joint press conference with South African President Jacob Zuma this morning, President Obama spoke extensively about Mandela's legacy.

The rare Mandela coins that are going to appreciate the most are going to be the rarest coins from each of the three years that they were produced. The rare Mandela coins were minted in 1994, 2000 and 2008. There were two types of these coins that were made in each year a proof one and an ordinary one. Investors and collectors that build rare coin portfolios usually build sets of these coins. A set of rare coins is usually sold for a premium above the cost of the coins by as much as 35% due to the effort and time that it takes to assemble such a set. In order for you to own a complete rare Mandela R5 set you would buy six coins for the set. There can also be sets of these coins constituted by buying just two coins of each striking a proof and ordinary coin of any of those years.

The most popular of the rare Mandela R5 coins worldwide are the 2008 90th birthday rare Mandela coins. We suggest that at this time that you look at the purchase of these coins in both the proof and ordinary striking. With the past sale of an uncirculated specimen of the rare R5 Mandela 90th birthday coins in the grade of MS-69 for 2.5 million rand and the sale of proof 70's at R275 000. These coins are internationally acknowledged as being the fastest appreciating rare coins in the history of the world. The MS-69 grew at a staggering 49.9 million percent in total or 12.4 million percent per annum and the proof 70 at 2 100% in total or 700% per annum. This is a trend that we expect to continue for many, many years ahead. We are projecting that the proof 70 Mandela R5 90th birthday coins will be selling for R350 000 at the end of 2014. That will be a percentage growth of 112%. We are projecting that the proof 69 Mandela R5 birthday coins will be selling for R65 000 at the end of 2014. That will be a percentage growth of 86%.

In January of 2012 the proof 70's were selling at R125 000. By the end of March 2012 they had leapt in price to R240 000 a massive increase in value of 92%. They were selling at R275 000 in early 2013 a further rise of 14.6%. Had you been prudent enough to invest in several of the proof 70's in January 2012 at R125 000 you would have had a return on your capital of 120%. That would have been more than double your capital in a mere 4 months. We are projecting that the proof 70's will be selling at R350 000 rand at the end of 2014. Should that appreciation occur this will be a further appreciation of 112%. The next coins that we expect to dramatically rise in value are the proof 69's. They are the second finest known coins and there are only 2 215 of these coins. They are currently selling at R35 000 and we have projected that they will be selling at R65 000 by the end of 2014. Should that projection be correct this will translate to a 86% increase in your capital.

We strongly urge you to buy as many of the proof 70's and proof 69's that you can this year to add them to your investment portfolio. You may not ever get another chance to buy such rare and sought after coins at these low prices again. These coins by the mintage of only 5 000 coins are the rarest of all of the Mandela R5 coins.

This coin was selling at R275 000 in early 2013. We are projecting that this coin will be selling at R350 000 rand by the end of 2014. That will be a return of 112%.

This coin is selling at R35 000 at present. We are projecting that these coins will be selling for R65 000 at the end of 2014. This will be an increase of 86% in value.

The six coins above are coins that you should have in your investment and retirement portfolio. They will be worth very substantial amounts of money in the future in American dollar terms!